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Belvedere Chrome Edition Vodka is a special and collectible edition of one of the most luxurious and recognized vodkas in the world. Originating from Poland, Belvedere is known for its meticulous distillation of pure rye and its own spring water, resulting in a vodka of exceptional quality. This limited edition "Chrome" not only stands out for its contents, but also for its stunning chrome metallic design bottle, making it a standout piece for any premium beverage collection.

Belvedere Chrome Edition Vodka Tasting Note:

Visual: Crystalline and pure, with a shine that reflects the quality of the vodka and its exceptional filtration.

Nose: Its aroma is subtle and clean, with a light touch of vanilla and soft spices, which reflects its rye base. There is also a faint citrus aroma that adds freshness.

Palate: On the palate, Belvedere Chrome Edition Vodka offers a silky texture and a smooth flavor that highlights the quality of the rye. The flavors are delicate but distinctive, with notes of vanilla, white pepper and almond.


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