Aceite Las Hoyas Arbequina 1500 Altitud Tubo 75 Cl.

Aceite de Las Hoyas Arbequina 1500 Altitud Tubo 75 Cl.

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Aceite de las Hoyas

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Aceite de Las Hoyas Arbequina 1500 is an oil made with its own Arbequina olives, which produce a premium quality extra virgin olive oil, whose main characteristic is its sweet and smooth taste, with aromas reminiscent of banana, apple and almond.

This oil is ideal for raw consumption. It is presented in glass bottles, protected from light and heat by a cardboard cylinder, to preserve its organoleptic characteristics.

Its olive groves are located in environments with exceptional characteristics. The cortijo de las hoyas is an arbequina olive grove located at an altitude unique in Spain (1500m). The wide thermal oscillation and the semi-desert climate produce an olive with a higher quantity of antioxidants, resulting in an oil with a unique flavour.

Evooleum Guide: Silver Medal in the category "Best Premium EVOO Design" 2023


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