Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Ham Juan Manuel (8 - 8.5KG)

Acorn-fed Iberian Loin Juan Manuel (1 - 1.5KG)

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Juan Manuel

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The Caña de Lomo de Bellota Ibérica Juan Manuel, is one of the most noble pieces of the Iberian pig, raised in freedom in pastures and fed on acorns and rich herbs that will mark the final characteristics of the product.

It is each of the two pieces of meat that are next to the backbone and under the ribs, seasoned with salt, paprika, garlic and oregano and then cured through a laborious, slow and natural process.

INGREDIENTS: Loin and paprika marinade, salt, garlic and oregano.

CURING: More than 6 months of curing in natural drying rooms.

VISUAL APPEARANCE: Colors ranging from pink to red purple, marbled appearance in its veins by the fat infiltrated.

TEXTURE: Smooth, unctuous, subtle and fine texture as it comes from one of the most exquisite parts of the Iberian pig.

AROMA: Pleasant and characteristic aroma, intense and full of nuances like spices.

FLAVOUR: Intense and persistent flavour, its marinade is appreciated which is subtly
integrated, a pleasure in the mouth.


The Iberian Acorn-fed Loin is an exceptional product that has magnificent beneficial properties for health. It is very rich in proteins and is recommended, among other things, during childhood, adolescence and pregnancy, because in these stages, a greater supply of this nutrient is necessary. High in vitamin B1 and B3, it helps fight stress and is beneficial for the circulatory system.


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