Au Vodka 70Cl.

Au Vodka Bubble Gum 70Cl.

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Inspired by gold, Au Vodka is the fusion of British heritage with luxury ingredients to create a truly exceptional ultra premium vodka.

AU Bubble Gum Vodka is an exciting and delicious vodka variant that offers a unique taste experience. This vodka stands out for its distinctive bubble gum flavour, evoking childhood memories and providing a sense of fun and nostalgia.

A combination of award-winning five-distilled vodka with a sweet bubblegum flavour to create a drink that changes colour and explodes with flavour.

With its sweet and enticing aroma, AU Bubble Gum Vodka captivates the senses from the first moment. Each sip reveals a sweet and fruity taste, reminiscent of the bubble gum we used to enjoy in our youth. It's a vibrant, playful taste that stays true to its original inspiration.

AU Bubble Gum Vodka's versatility makes it an ideal choice for creative and fun cocktails. It can be mixed with soft drinks or fruit juices to create refreshing and colourful drinks.


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