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Beefeater is an English gin, made in London-style London Dry, which was originally created by James Burrough in the year 1820 and receives its name from the Guardians who guard the tower of the British capital.

It is one of the few internationally renowned gin that is still brewed in the very center of the City of London.

The recipe of the Beefeater Gin has endured the passage of time without being practically altered, preserving the nine botanicals that compose it and chose Burrough in its day. These include citrus, oranges and lemons from Spain.

This gin is proud to be themost awarded in the world, having achieved, in the last four years, three awards to the best gin in the world IN the IWSC.

Beefeater Tasting Notes

Distinguished gin of grains, (wheat and barley) with a subtle citric and botanical elements; Orange and lemon shells, cilantro, almonds among others. Delicate balance between the flavors of the gin, softened by the fruity nuances of pears. Complex balance of flavors, character soft and defined fruit, its color is like silver... Bright, with a soft and fresh aroma.


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