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Belvedere Vodka Organic Lemon & Basil

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Belvedere Vodka Organic Lemon & Basil. When carefully combined, the finest ingredients take on a life of their own. This is the case with meticulously chosen essences of organic lemon and fresh green basil, which come together with botanical extracts of elderflower and premium Belvedere vodka. The result is a naturally infused lemon vodka that exudes a bright, vibrant freshness. Enjoy with ice and the sparkling effervescence of sparkling water for a refreshing, simple and tasty cocktail without the presence of chemicals or added sugars, in compliance with Polish vodka legal regulations, which prohibit any additions.

Tasting notes for Belvedere Vodka Organic Lemon & Basil

The citrus aromatics of lemon zest merge with the fresh and fragrant notes of basil, as well as delicate elderflower.

A juicy, succulent texture unfolds flavours reminiscent of a delicious lemon tart, accompanied by herbal nuances of basil, the floral sweetness of elderflower and juicy muscat grapes. The finish lingers elegantly. Initial hints of fresh lemon zest and spicy basil leaves intertwine before culminating in a delicate hint of elderflower


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