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Bols Curaçao Blue

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Blue bowls known in the last century as Crème de Ciel, is one of the oldest flavors among the range of liquors of bowls.

Bowls Blue adds a bright blue color, an intense orange flavor and an excellent and unique aftertaste to any cocktail.
In addition to being a great substitute for Triple dry cocktails such as the Blue Margarita and the Electric lemonade, it is also a delicious option when served long with soft drinks or orange juice.

Most Blue Curaçaos only offer the color of the drink, but bowls Blue adds a rich and varied flavor to orange from a special variety of oranges and their skin. This gives bowls Blue a unique culmination.

Curacao Blue Bowls Tasting Note

Bowls blue is dark blue. Flavor of juice and orange peel.


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