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Captain Morgan White 1LTO

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Captain Morgan White is a white rum distilled 5 times in column and launched by Diageo on the international market. It's sweet, clean and creamy on the palate. Captain Morgan Rum Company was founded in 1945 by Sam Bronfman.

Captain Morgan White Rum is a 5 times distilled rum that has a slightly creamy and sweet flavor with a touch of fruit essences, it is perfect to refresh yourself in these times, its smooth essence is unique and different; thanks to the aging and the fact that it is kept for more than a year in white oak barrels, it has a unique flavor but it is clearly part of the Captain Morgan family.

In 1945 a new Jamaican rum was born that would mark a milestone. Sam Bronfman, president of Seagram, bought the recipe for a new expression of rum from two Kingston pharmacists, who mixed the rum with various aromatic and rather sweet spices and then aged it in barrels. The Captain Morgan Distillery in Jamaica decides to adopt this name in honor of a famous buccaneer pirate from Wales, Henry Morgan, in 1654 sailing the Caribbean seas defending the interests of his country of origin.


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