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Cardhu Amber Rock

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Cardhu Distillery

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Cardhu originates from one of the first distilleries established in Speyside, located in the hills near the River Spey for two centuries. Its prestige comes from its beginnings, marked by the story of two women of notable courage and firmness: Helen Cumming, co-founder of the distillery in 1811 with her husband, who could be seen as the female pioneer of whiskey; and Elizabeth, her daughter-in-law, who became famous as the 'whiskey queen'.

Although their name derives from the Gaelic for 'black rock', Cardhu single malt whiskeys are characterized by a smooth and clean taste, often described as velvety, making them refined and easily appreciated. Cardhu Amber Rock is a Scottish single malt that has undergone double maturation, culminating in toasted American oak barrels, which gives it a robust and complex profile, with abundant notes of vanilla, citrus and oak.

Its name reflects both its amber color and its Gaelic meaning. The ideal way to enjoy Cardhu Amber Rock is in a large glass, simply with a touch of water. This single malt whiskey was awarded a silver medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2015, positioning itself as one of the most unique bottles of Scotch whiskey and exquisite, perfect to give as a gift for celebrations such as birthdays or Christmas. Its alcohol content is 40%.


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