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Chandon Garden Spritz  is made with Chandon sparkling wine, macerated with 100% locally sourced bitter orange peel liqueur, herbs and spices.


Bodega Chandon
Volumen 75.00 cl.
Graduación 11.5 º

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Characteristics of Chandon Garden Spritz

We want you to get to know in depth this sparkling drink that is so fashionable and that will allow you to enjoy a great tasting and very refreshing wine. When you know all the characteristics of Chandon Garden Spritz you will want to buy it for your next celebration.

Spicy flavours

One of the peculiarities of Chandon Garden is that this wine has been macerated with a bitter orange peel liqueur that gives it a very characteristic flavour. This Spritz has also been macerated with herbs and spices entirely from the area.

Its origin

Chandon Garden Spritz is made from chandon brut made from chardonnay, pinot noir and semillon grapes. Once the base is obtained, it is macerated with a liqueur of bitter oranges from the maceration of Valencia variety orange peels.

The oranges have been carefully selected for their level of acidity and sweetness, allowing a unique flavour to be obtained. The oranges are hand-peeled and grown on a farm located between rivers.

This wine has its origin in Argentina, where they were inspired to combine the main local ingredients and to create the Chandon Garden Spritz. One of the great secrets of this aperitif that makes it so special is that it has been elaborated on the basis of a wine awarded as the best Argentine sparkling wine in 2020.

This Chandon was created in the 1950s by the president of Moet & Chandon as he began to consider the option of producing other high-end sparkling wines under the same brand, but in regions other than Champagne. This is how this Spritz came about.

Best combinations to drink it

If you have decided to buy Chandon Garden, you should know that this wine offers you many advantages and many combination options. Its elaboration is very artisanal and this means that it has no artificial flavours or colourings.

Besides, an important advantage is that it has a reduced amount of sugars, it can be said that it has half the amount of an Italian spritz. In order to know when is the best time to drink it and which are the best combinations, it is important to know what is its taste in the mouth and its nuances.

It is a vibrant wine with a certain bitter touch. If you smell it you can sense a wide range of aromas, especially with citrus notes that allude to the orange peels with which it has been made.

When you taste it, you notice the hints of flowers and herbs, as well as the various spices that give this drink a certain complexity. It is a very pleasant contrast because when you taste it you can notice its sweetness and a delicate bitterness at the end.

With this description of flavours and notes, the best way to drink it is with lots of ice, as it is a drink that is best enjoyed chilled. If you complement it with a slice of orange as a nod to its combination of ingredients it will enhance its flavour even more. It is recommended to add

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