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El Ron Prohibido 12 Y.O

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Ron Prohibido

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THE Ron Prohibido is a premium rum made in Mexico. Aged for 12 years by traditional Solera method with a unique combination of rums.

As the legend that during the EIGHTEENTH century, the Spanish ships arrived in America with reserves of sweet wine in casks. Instead of returning to Spain empty, they filled it with Mexican rum, known as Chinguirito. During the trip, the rum absorbeded the aromatic characteristics of the casks, which produced a high quality rum.

This rum was a huge success in Spain and the national producers complained to King Felipe V of Bourbon who was forced to ban the production of this rum in the New world. Chinguirito was known as Habanero as the last stop that made the boat to Spain was in Havana, where he was no longer allowed to continue.

Tasting note of El Ron Prohibido 12 years old

THE Ron Prohibido is dark brown with touches of red.

Aromas of nuts, raisins and plums, followed by shades of vanilla, walnut, butter, chocolate and coffee.

In the palate flavors of raisins, plums and walnut wood with notes of chocolate and coffee, slightly bittersweet.

Long, silky finish with hints of caramel and slight bitterness at the end.


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