G'Vine Floraison

G'Vine Floraison Edición Especial Jaime Lorente

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Special limited edition designed by actor Jaime Lorente, ambassador of G'Vine.

The formula changes from the original G'Vine, with a touch of orange citrus and a subtle peppery finish.

G'Vine is a French gin made from grapes, a noble ingredient rarely used in gin making. The grape is the perfect canvas for the complexity and subtlety of the ten botanicals and spices that make up G'Vine to express themselves. Among them is an unprecedented ingredient: the grape blossom, which scents the vineyard with its delicate perfume for just a few days a year. The combination of this captivating flower, which is hand-picked in June, with the bouquet of aromatic plants creates the freshness and softness so characteristic of G'Vine.

Tasting notes of G'Vine Jaime Lorente Edition

Nose: At the beginning, spicy notes are perceived, followed by an ascending combination of pepper and citrus fruits, which gradually merge with the final notes of pepper.

Palate: The first impression on the palate is smooth and expansive, with raspberry notes taking centre stage, providing a rounded and harmonious sensation, awakened by a final peppery note.

Finish: The finish is smooth, clean and long lasting.


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