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Gin Bombay Sapphire

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The Bombay Spirits Company
United Kingdom

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Unlike other gin, which boils the botanical ingredients with alcohol, Bombay Sapphire Gin is distilled independently in the four unique Carterhead stills that exist in the world. To achieve a unique flavor, alcohol passes through the 10 botanical ingredients that compose it in the form of steam, allowing you to absorb all the fragrances. The result is a complex and subtle aroma. A Premium gin, London Dry type of 47.0% Lac./vol., obtained by triple distillation. The botanicals used are juniper, lemon rind, coriander, licorice, cassia root, Angelica root, Lily root, Cube, almond and paradise grains.

The final product, is crisp, with aroma of juniper and spices, with citrus predominance. In the mouth, it is soft, light and fresh, and above all very balanced, slightly sweet and with a pungent finish. This gin is manufactured from the year 1987 by Bombay Spirits Co. Ltd., in Cheshire, UK, with a recipe dating back to 1761. It is presented in a slender bottle, of straight sides, in which the botanical components are engraved, and curved shoulders, of sapphire blue color.


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