gin citadelle 1.75l

Gin Citadelle 1.75L

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Cognac Ferrand

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Citadelle Ginis one of the best-known premium gin in the market. It is obtained by quadruple distillation (three grain and one with components), in copper still. It is a gin whose formula dates from the EIGHTEENTH century, which has been recreated in 1989, thanks to Alexandre Gabriel, in collaboration with Cognac Ferrand, in France, which is the manufacturer.

He has received several awards highlighting the first in the Gin Master in London in the year 2010 and the gold medal at the international Spirit Challenge in 2008.

Gin Citadelle 1.75 L Tasting Note

The botanicals used are juniper, lemon peel, orange, liquorice, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, angelica, pine, anise, violet, almonds, coriander, cardamom, pepper, savory, fennel and lily root.

The final product, is crisp, soft, fresh and very fine on the palate, with good balance between alcohol and botanists, noting a perfume of lemon and spices, which also confer a slight itch.

Gin Citadelle has the reputation of being the ideal gin for the preparation of the Gin tonic cocktail.


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