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Kong Ron

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Kong Ron is a 100% natural product made with the best rum from Guatemala aged for 9 years in American white oak casks. No sugar. No additives. Ron Kong restores the balance of original respect between man and gorilla, reaching the senses by touch, sight and palate. The white carving plays the shapes and gestures of an adult gorilla to invite reflection. By stroking his face, we meditate on coexistence with an older species than man and yet as close to DNA as a distant relative.

Gorillas include up to 146 types of herbs, fruits, and trees. A careful selection has been carried out that is already part of Ron Kong's secret recipe.

Its bottle mOldeada and sculpted majestically like the head of a mountain gorilla. It's a bottle for the limited time it contains to your rum. For forever will be the size that emparente us with our ancestors. It is edited in small batches according to the population of gorillas. For this reason there are 4,680 bottles each time, as many as Oriental gorillas remain in the world. To give to your senses the bottle OF KONG is sculpted artisanally with a mixture of minerals and quartz. Its touch reminds of the volcanic rock, home of the world's last gorillas

Kong Rum Tasting Note

Kong Ron Huele to humid forest and fog initially. On the nose, the aromatic footprint of hand-picked herbs turns into memories of green mountains. Distant notes of spices. Balsamic Mint notes. 

Ideas of green and thick jungles. Floral notes and Tree puffs. Exotic Vanilla. Distant sensations of laurel and fruit trees. And when you open it, you notice it's oak. And notes that are not classic rum.

For the end, between barrel and caramel, bring us smell of rain and aroma to mother. Mandarins and orange trees when the storm comes. It smells like you have to smell a gorilla-inspired rum.

It tastes the rum you don't know. Because he knows what a bite to the mountain tastes like. It tastes rum and not sugar. It's fresh, like an outbreak of eucalyptus in the hands of a gorilla. And it is of a citric character as delicate as the gaze of an ancestor. It's wild but not indomitable. It has wood but not to cover the forest. Light in the mouth. Fast-paced. But it remains intense, like the sight of a ray of light in the clearing of a forest. And at the same time as memorable. It tastes herbal and knows arboreal. You know how you know the place where life began one day.


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