Kraken Black Spiced

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The Kraken Rum
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Kraken Black Spices is a unique Caribbean black rum. It is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago and enriched with an exotic mix of 13 secret spices, among which are the cinnamon, ginger and clove-which compose their secret recipe. In addition, the design of the bottle containing this rum is a replica of the Victorian rum bottles, with two side handles and dark black-inspired by the black mysterious ink with which, according to legend, the Kraken covers its prey.

Its name is given by the legend that many years ago, in the Caribbean islands, a ship with a large amount of black rum and spices disappeared mysteriously. It is rumored that the ship was attacked by the Kraken, a legendario marine monster known for its deadly tentacles, sharp teeth, and insatiable appetite. Even though this story cannot be proven, the stories remain, along with a respectful fear of the sea.

Kraken Tasting Note Black spices

Kraken Black Spices shows the sweet notes of coffee, caramel and spices. Of medium and soft body, with a sweet and persistent finish.


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