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Krug Grande Cuvée Brut 171 éme Edition

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Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pinot Meunier

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Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pinot Meunier

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Every year, the House of Krug pays tribute to Joseph Krug's dream with a new Krug Grande Cuvée Edition, the most opulent manifestation of champagne. The 171 ème edition of Krug Grande Cuvée is made by blending 131 wines from 12 different years, with the youngest wine from 2015 and the oldest from 2000. After a period of approximately seven years in the Krug cellars, this Edition acquires its outstanding expression and distinguished elegance. The process of creating this Krug Grande Cuvée Edition, which represents the 171st reinterpretation of this generous expression of Champagne, required more than 20 years of careful craftsmanship.
The composition of Krug Grande Cuvée 171 ème Édition is centred around the 2015 vintage, a year characterised by unprecedented heat and drought that lasted from late May to mid-August, slowing down the development of the grapes. However, rainfall in the second half of August encouraged berry growth and, combined with sunshine and moderate temperatures, ensured optimal ripening. Harvest took place between 31 August and 21 September, under rainy conditions and with a remarkable variability between plots.
To craft this edition of Krug Grande Cuvée, the cellar master took great care to highlight the uniquely varied aromatic expressions of the year, incorporating reserve wines from various parcels from another 11 years. Careful attention to the vines and Krug's singular respect for the unique identity of each parcel allowed this Krug Grande Cuvée Edition to exhibit a wide range of expressions.

Krug Grande Cuvée Brut 171 éme Edition Tasting Notes

A soft golden hue and delicate, energetic bubbles, anticipating a pleasurable experience.

Aromas of flowers in full bloom, ripe fruits, nuts and citrus, along with hints of marzipan and gingerbread.

Smoky hints and flavours reminiscent of almond paste, quince, lemon, limoncello, and hard shell fruits.


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