licor monin menta verde - licor monin - monin menta verde

Licor Monin Menta Verde

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Green MINT Monin liquor is ideal to give a fresh mint flavor and green to your cold drinks.

According to Greek mythology, "Mint" was a water nymph, who fell in love with Hades, Persephone's husband. The jealous goddess returned to the nymph in a green plant, now famous for its delicious sweet and fresh aroma. Mint is aromatic and pleasant.

Its refreshing sensation and cooling properties make the green mint one of the most appreciated and used herbs in the world's cuisine. Green Mint is traditionally used in France and Italy to accentuate cold milk.

Green Mint Monin Liquor tasting note

Green MINT Monin liquor is light emerald green.

Fresh mint Aroma. Sweet and fresh mint flavor, with hints of black pepper and mountain pine. Refreshing sensation in the long-lasting mouth.


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