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From our vineyards to your celebrations, sharing the magic of champagne with the world is the quintessence of Moët & Chandon.

Knowing how to celebrate the moments of triumph in life with elegance, sympathy and the pleasure of the senses is our true essence. From Napoleon's conquests to royal weddings, from Hollywood's most dazzling event, the Oscars, to its most exclusive private parties, we are always dedicated to celebrating achievements. Scarlett Johansson is the latest addition to a long list of famous fans, which includes names as varied as Cary Grant, the Marchioness of Pompadour or Napoleon. In the same way that we were there for the great moments in history, we are also here today for your great occasions.

Find out how much Moët has meant to some of our famous fans.

Did you know that Moët Impérial, the House's most emblematic champagne, owes its name to the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte? The emperor visited our grounds in Épernay on numerous occasions and awarded Jean-Rémy Moët one of the most important decorations in France, the medal of the Legion of Honor. Legend has it that Napoleon and his troops invented the tradition of opening bottles of Moët with a saber to celebrate victories.

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