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Monin Mango Puré

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Monin Mango purée is a very concentrated fruit purée, previously sweetened and elaborated with first quality natural fruits and flavors to obtain optimum flavor and texture in the gourmet beverages. No refrigeration required.

The exquisite taste of mango is appreciated by the whole world. It is a very common fruit in the tropical and subtropical regions, in fact it is known as the "Apple of the Tropics". It is also consumed in most of Latin America; Thus, in the US, mango flavor began to emerge in the southern states that received the influence of Central and South America. Now it is in the vast majority of the menus.

Monin Mango purée Tasting note

Monin Mango purée is anarajando yellow.

Authentic Tropical Mango Aroma; Sweet mango pulp texture and flavor.


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