Mortlach Estuchado Special Release 2022

Mortlach Estuchado Special Release 2022

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Legend tells that on a night marked by destiny, the moon over Mortlach turned bloody red, triggering an enigmatic transformation. The 'Beast of Dufftown', a creature of myth, changed under the lunar glow and, enchanted by that captivating crimson globe, ascended to the night skies. This celestial phenomenon permeated the stills of the Mortlach distillery, giving the whiskey a ruby red opulence and somber complexity, giving it exceptional uniqueness. Located in a shady valley steeped in history, the Mortlach distillery has always been a magnet for adventurous spirits, thanks to its deep magnetism and a unique essence that seems to flow directly through its gates.

At Mortlach, the distillation process is unique, being carried out 2.81 times in six stills arranged in a configuration unmatched anywhere else. Here, science intertwines with the arcane, forging a whiskey both bold and mysterious. Although initially glowing with a ruby light, this legendary whiskey reaches its peak of maturation in a selection of Virgin Oak, Tawny Port and Red Muscat casks, which accentuate its deep amber color. Rich aromas of wine and sweet grape unfold, intertwined with Mortlach's distinctive texture. This dark and layered whiskey vibrates with a sweet and fruity intensity, shining with the spicy depth of ginger, acquired during its initial maturation in Virgin Oak barrels.

Under a soft light, the finish of this whiskey intensifies, creating a tasting experience where sweetness, darkness and depth merge in an almost spiritual conjunction. Mortlach Special Releases 2022 stands out as a jewel in the Special Releases collection, perfect to share at family gatherings or with friends. It has an alcoholic content of 57.8%.


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