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Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Calvestra

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Bodegas Mustiguillo

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Calvestra 50cl Extra virgin Olive oil is a premium olive oil elaborated by Bodegas Mustiguillo from old olive trees mainly from the pine nut variety, more than 900 meters above sea level in the Finca Calvestra in Requena.

In a strict rainfed, with traditional cultivation practices, they provide the raw material for the delicate extraction of an extraordinary oil.

The fractional collection and the innovation in the mill allows to obtain separately the flower oil of the different varieties, in its four levels of maturity. In other words, ripe green-ripe green-green green-ripe.

Thus, each campaign offers a palette of aromas and organoleptic structures that, after a long natural decantation, combine for the creation of CALVESTRA Extra virgin olive oil.


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