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Pack Matsu El Pícaro + El Recio + El Viejo

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Like its wines, Matsu's image has been stripped of all kinds of artifices to connect with the Earth and the people who take care of it every day. The trilogy of Wines ' The rogue ', ' El Recio ' and ' El Viejo ' represent three generations of wine-growers, each with a relationship with the land of their age and their vital stage. Each person's personality embodies the characteristics of the wine to which it gives its name. Thus, ' The rogue ' is strong and courageous, shameless and uncontrollable. ' El Recio ' combines the power of youth and the experience of maturity, to express serenity, perseverance and strength. ' The old ' is the fulness and wisdom, the knowledge of the earth that has worked. These three wines and their three protagonists embody the essence of Matsu, the homage to generations of winegrowers. The collection reaches its maximum expression in ' Matsu 2009 ', a special edition whose image synthesizes the values of the collection, with an old man sitting, waiting.


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