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Paleta Joselito Loncheada 70gr

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Paleta Joselito is the product from adult pigs, elaborated with the foreleg, which includes the whole osteomuscular part, and which is subjected to the corresponding process of salting, curing-maturation, boning and finally, slicing.

The Joselito shoulder ham is characterized by its great juiciness, delicate texture, and harmonious combination of the best meat with infiltrations of golden and pinkish fat, from pigs raised exclusively in extensive farming and fed with acorns in pastures of holm oak and cork oak trees. Each slice, precisely cut, harbors an immense and aromatic flavor that melts on contact with the mouth due to its outstanding meatiness and refinement.

The Paleta Joselito Sliced format allows the product to be tasted quickly and easily. It is especially recommended when you do not have experience in cutting the piece. Vacuum packaging will ensure the perfect preservation of the product, maintaining its characteristic aroma and flavor.

Tasting note of Paleta Joselito sliced 70gr

PALETTE Joselito sliced 70gr has soft and unctuous fat, with shades ranging from gilding to Rosaceae. The meat has numerous infiltrations of shiny veined fat. The tonality of the flesh includes from the intense purple red to the pale pink.

The quality of the raw material, the natural feeding of pigs and all the care and slow process of elaboration 100% natural, contribute to the palette Joselito an intense aroma and a delicate and unique flavor.


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