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Pampero Añejo Especial

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Since its establishment in 1938, Pampero has become a Venezuelan symbol, setting quality standards for other rums. Before 1953, in Venezuela, it was possible to distill pure alcohol and market it the next day as rum. However, the founders of Pampero were not satisfied with the quality of that product and decided to mature their rums for at least 2 years to improve their flavor and character.

The government supported this initiative, turning Pampero's practice into law. Until today, all Venezuelan rums must mature for at least 2 years to be considered as such. Pampero Especial, the heart of Pampero, is so recognized that locals call it "Caballito Frenado", referring to its famous logo that symbolizes freedom: a Venezuelan rider on a wild horse. Pampero Especial is produced innovatively to offer one of the most versatile rums. Aged in antique bourbon barrels, it is smooth with hints of wood, vanilla and sweet fruits. Golden in color, its flavor stands out in any mix. Its alcohol content is 40%.


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