Ron Dictador Orlinski 5 Decades Estuchado

Ron Dictador Orlinski 5 Decades Estuchado

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Ron Dictador Orlinksi 5 Decades. This collaboration marks the first time that a spirit, within the rum category, has been wholly encased within an artwork. Dictador is disrupting the market by creating an actual artwork as a bottle; firmly establishing the brand as The Arthouse Spirit and cementing an ongoing collaboration with the art world.

Blended by Dictador Distillery Master, Hernan Parra, Dictador 5 Decades uses rum from finely aged 1966 / 1976 / 1986 / 1996 / 2006 casks, representing five decades of the Richard Orlinski life and work. 

Parra has personally selected the best barrels from his family’s private stock in Colombia to create the exceptional liquid, truly art in itself, with 525 bottles available worldwide (100 in each colour way, plus 25 bottles hand-painted by Orlinski). The value of a luxury rum collection is in the value of the 30 barrels (‘66-’06) used to prepare each colourway set of bottles. Liquid will not be used in any future Dictador products, giving consumers access to one of the oldest rums in the world.


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