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Sirope Monin Kiwi

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KIWI Monin Syrup captures the intense color and the pleasant flavor of kiwi. Elaborated with the best ingredients and pure cane sugar, the MONIN Kiwi syrup has a highly concentrated and authentic flavor that offers exceptional versatility in the creation of gourmet beverages.

Originally from China, the Kiwi (kiwi fruit in English) is widely cultivated in New Zealand and in that country originated the name, perhaps because of the color of its shell that resembles the skin of the Kiwi bird, the symbol of New Zealand. The kiwi offers an intense emerald-green color and an accentuated bittersweet flavor that simultaneously incorporates the flavor of strawberries, melons and bananas.

Tasting note of Monin Kiwi syrup

Monin Kiwi Syrup is a bright green color.

RIPE Kiwi Aroma; Pleasant taste with mild acidity and pleasant sensation in the mouth.


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