Tequila cofrades Añejo 70cl.

Tequila Cofradia "Diosa" Cerámica Extra Añejo 50cl.

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Tequila Cofradia "Diosa" Cerámica Extra Añejo Edition. One of the most powerful brands in the Tequila region. Located in an old brotherhood of agave workers, from which it takes its name, the brand is dedicated to producing a wide variety of tequilas for different markets and with different purposes and qualities.

Characteristics of La Cofradía Tequila

La Cofradía is a brand with 50 years of experience behind it, which thanks to its hard work and good work has managed to make a prestigious name for itself in the tequila industry. The name La Cofradía appeared in 1992, when the previous brand, Viva la Villa, was dissolved.

Because the brand was first dedicated to the commercialisation of tequilas produced by different distilleries before production, when they started with their own distillation they knew the market perfectly well, which led La Cofradía to produce specialised tequilas for different purposes and palates.

Today 70% of La Cofradía's production is destined for export, which speaks of its capacity to adapt to the different markets where it is present.


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