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Agua Fiji Pacifico

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FIJI Water

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Agua Fiji Pacifico is a premium water that is extracted from a artesian aquifer that lies hundreds of meters deep beneath the edge of an ancient rainforest.

Thanks to this distance and isolation it is much purer and richer in flavor than other types of bottled water. Water Fiji has the highest concentration of silicon than any other water and this mineral is known for its healthy benefits over hair, skin and bones.

Until it opens, water Fiji never touches the air of THE 21st century and has not touched another human being. No other natural water can say the same thing with total sincerity.

Water Tasting Note Fiji Pacific

Water Fiji Pacific is born with the rain that falls on the majestic north coast of the tropical island of Viti Levu. From there it seeps through the various layers of the ancient volcanic rock. At the same time, this natural filtering process enriches it with the silica mineral, which gives it the unmistakable "feeling in mouth" soft and smooth.


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