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Cîroc Apple Vodka

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Unlike other vodkas, Cîroc is distinguished by its production with the best French grapes instead of grains, a detail that positions it as a luxury vodka, exceptionally smooth and sophisticated. Founded in 2003 in the south of France, this vodka is produced through a distillation process inspired by more than a hundred years of experience and mastery in viticulture. The brand's stylized bottles are embossed with the image of a rooster on a bunch of grapes, paying homage to the symbol of the Gaillac region and its rich winemaking tradition.

Cîroc Apple is a vodka with a delicious green apple flavor, distilled five times to achieve excellence. On the palate, the freshness of green apple is combined with subtle hints of vanilla and citrus, culminating in a refreshing and aromatic finish. With its fruity character, it forms the perfect base for cocktails, such as the Cîroc Big Apple served over ice: 50 ml of Cîroc Apple, 100 ml of lime or lemon soda and a few drops of cranberry juice. It is a great option for those looking for an alternative to vodka made from grains. Its alcohol content is 37.5%.


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