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Licor Monin Frambuesa

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Raspberry Monin Liquor brings the flavor and aroma of raspberry throughout the year.

The most common raspberries are red, but originally all raspberries were white. The legend says that one day, the nymph Ida tried to pick up some wild white raspberries to appease the god Jupiter, who was furious.

As he picked the fruits, Ida scratched his finger on the thorny raspberry plant. According to this Roman myth, its blood forever dyed raspberries of a bright red color.

Tasting note of Monin raspberry liqueur

Raspberry Monin Liqueur is ruby red colour with orange reflections.

Balanced aroma of ripe raspberry and raspberry aguardiente with floral notes. Creamy and sweet raspberry flavor, with details of raspberry infusion. Good bittersweet balance.


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