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Monin Crema Caramelo 50cl

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Monin Caramel Cream 50cl refers to the caramelized sugar that is traditionally obtained by melting the sugar in a pot of water. The rich flavor and color of the caramel come from the process of heating and melting of the sugar.

Caramel is popular in gourmet cafes, non-alcoholic beverages, cocktails and desserts; It can also be easily combined with other flavors.

Created specifically for the coffee professionals, caramel Monin cream is made with the best quality ingredients and natural flavors. It offers a flavor that perfectly complements the espresso coffee, to please even the most demanding fans of "café con Leche" and "macchiato".

Tasting note of Monin caramel cream 50cl

Monin 50cl Caramel Cream is light brown.

Rich Aroma of caramel and authentic and creamy caramel flavor.


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