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Sangria La Sueca

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The Swedish Sangria is an ink-crafted sangria. For its elaboration it is part of a fresh and fruity wine of garnacha and Tempranillo that is macera with natural extracts of orange juice, lemon, cinnamon, peach, apricot, lime and other red fruits for several weeks. It is then added nectar of natural must to give a sweet and balanced point.

The Swedish is the return to nostalgia. A trip to the beginning of debauchery and democracy in Spain. The bottle takes us to summer in a camping in Benidorm in the years 70, Guateques and the first family vacation in crowded cars.

It is the memory of those wonderful summers concentrated in a colorful bottle, sympathetic and full of winks at the time of the uncover.

The Swedish Sangria tasting note

Sangria The Swedish has the intensity of a summer love and the wonderful freshness of a nudist beach. A sangria of 11 degrees, like those of all life, cherry red, clean and shiny. Aroma predominates cinnamon, orange citrus, peach. In the mouth is fresh, nice and sweet, when you drink it leaves you a taste of fruity wine with citrus touches.


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