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Jagermeister Herbal Liquor is made with 56 natural ingredients. Pass 383 quality controls: The Taste of Jägermeister goes beyond the sum of its components, creating a unique and unique flavor that combines sweet and sour nuances.

Jagermeister is the eighth-most-sold premium beverage brand in the world. In Spain, its consumption has been shot.

How to take your Jagermeister: a frosted bottle fresh from the freezer and a glass also iced. Jägermeister at its optimum temperature with a different texture and a flavor full of nuances. The original!

Jägermeister Tasting Notes

The commercialization of the Jägermeister would begin in 1935 as an effective remedy against cough and digestive problems given the unique nature of its natural ingredients. A total of 56 types of herbs are part of a beverage that treasures 35% of alcohol content. From botanicals known as camomile, coriander, lavender, cardamom, orange or nutmeg, to others such as Malavisco, Yarrow, grains of paradise or Java pepper, listed as possible.

The composition of Jagermeister keeps a secret part that evokes an original parallel with the mysterious recipe of Coca-Cola.


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